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A New WordPress Resource Archive: Find It WP

Anything that grows organically has a tendency to end up everywhere. Resources in the WordPress ecosystem are no different. To combat this, the HeroPress Network is releasing Find It WP, a cooperative resource archive that creates a new way to search WordPress resources.

What is Find It WP?

As mentioned above, Find It WP is a searchable database of all things WordPress. Using the power of FacetWP and SearchWP, all submitted resources — from agency information to what newsletters are out there — can be searched for free based on the specific criteria you’re looking for.

This new way to search WordPress resources helps both veteran and beginner users by saving them time and frustration as they try to find what they need.

Often I’ve seen someone tweet out that they’re looking for a WooCommerce specialist or have a friend ask me if I know of a plugin that does x. Now everyone has a new place to start: Find It WP.

Who is the WordPress Resource Archive For?

Find It WP is for everyone and anyone using or researching WordPress. Large businesses, small businesses, freelancers, news providers, and community projects. If it involves WordPress and meets the terms and conditions, you can find it here or add it to the archive for free.

There are no fees associated with it. The size of your marketing budget or number of employees is irrelevant here.

This is a place for equitable visibility. Another “stage” from the HeroPress Network that anyone can step on to and be seen. And the community as a whole is richer for it.

How does Find It WP Work?

As noted, Find It WP is completely free to use. We have plans in the works to put clearly defined, subtle advertising in place, but the tool itself will remain free to all users.

Searching for a Resource

When you go to the main page of Find It WP, you will see the most recent submissions from all categories. To narrow it down to what you’re looking for, use the Keyword Search or the Filter Resources option in the left side bar.

That’s all there is to it.

Submitting a Resource

All of the resources are user submitted, either by the owner of the resource or someone who’d like to promote it. A user is created at the time of submission. That user account allows submitters to be able to make changes or updates to their submitted items.

There’s a set of terms and conditions to abide by, and new users and every resource submitted are screened for approval before being added to the site.

Find It WP is set up with a basic set of categories and languages. If what you need doesn’t exist, use the option to suggest a category and add a new language. We know this project will grow and adjust with each new submission and we’re excited to see where it goes.

Why does WordPress Need a Cooperative Resource Archive?

Broader Visibility in a Growing Ecosystem

A cooperative resource archive allows for greater visibility for all involved.

By combining a variety of products and services that have a common thread in one place, customers have more of a reason to go there, broadening your reach regardless of your marketing budget.

With Find It WP, someone looking for a WordPress podcast may find an agency that’s ideal for their next project. That’s not what they came to find, and they’re unlikely to start their project sooner. But when the time comes, they’re more likely to contact you because they’ve seen you.

Simplified Access to WordPress Resources

Time is a premium for everyone.Whether you’re running a successful business or trying to squeeze in learning WordPress around a full time job and a family, you only have so much time to look for new things.

Sure, you can Google, but what if what you’re looking for is on page 10? Are you really going to look that far? 

A resource database, like Find It WP, takes away much of this busy work for you. Since the options are already narrowed down to your desired platform, your search is more likely to be faster and more accurate.

Plus, while you’re at the website, you have the chance to discover new products or services from around the world that you might not have bumped into otherwise.

This helps you stay current on what’s being created in the community at large without added effort.

Easier to Find More Diverse Options

Making it easier to find diverse options and alternatives was a goal when we started the project that became a reality throughout.

We’ve been thrilled by the professionals with products and skills that we’ve been able to meet outside of our normal circles, and our circle of connections is broad. With Find It WP, we can share these life changing experiences with everyone. 

There are skills, products, and services that could truly revolutionize your WordPress experience that you don’t even know to look for.

By opening up this resource database to everyone and avoiding any economic barrier, an opportunity is created for everyone to flourish.

screen shot of the Find It WP homepage

A New WordPress Resource Archive Benefits Everyone

It’s easy to imagine how Find It WP benefits small businesses and individuals. If you have little to no marketing budget or a small staff, then a set up like this is ideal. It’s as if someone were gifting booths at WCUS or WCEU, with even less work involved.

However, it does benefit larger businesses and successful entrepreneurs, too.

We’ve already discussed how it saves time when looking for resources. And that’s great; everyone could use a few more minutes in their day.

Beyond that, it also opens your business to a broader market with minimal effort on your part. I have yet to meet a successful business person who didn’t want more eyes on their product or service.

It’s rare to find anyone in business who has too much visibility and too many customers.

Featured Image Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash

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