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Introducing The HeroPress Network

We always knew that HeroPress could be more, and the time is finally right to put that in motion with The HeroPress Network. But how to do this without disrupting the current mission of HeroPress itself or changing the identity of Hallway Chats?

Our solution: The HeroPress Network

The HeroPress Network is a collection of individual websites that share a collaborative mission to simplify access to the information and resources that help both veteran and new users thrive in WordPress, for free. continues to inspire. Hallway Chats continues to introduce community members and initiatives. WP Podcasts centralizes access to podcasts and makes their episodes searchable. And additional sites launched — like the upcoming Find It WP — will follow the same philosophy.

The HeroPress Network site itself is the hub for it all. One place where anyone can see what is happening across the websites that make up the network. It sums up what’s going on within the internal network and provides a news entity where we can support and promote other things (news, events, etc.) happening in the WordPress community.

We have a vision for the network site’s future that includes expanding its educational offerings. But for now, that takes a backseat to building out the rest of the websites.

And speaking of more….

Join The Global Slack Channel

Along with The HeroPress Network, we are also launching a public Slack channel. One place where the global community can talk about all things WordPress without a barrier to entry.

Very soon our Slack will be offering dedicated channels for different types of professionals — writers, for example — that gives them a place to connect with each other and makes it easier to hire one. We’re looking into offering something similar to other community initiatives as well.

There’s so much talent out there, we want to give them a place to be found.

The Business Side Of The HeroPress Network

One last note, the HeroPress Network is being run as a For Profit company, but with a goal to make access available for free to the community as a whole. To do this, we will be opening funding options starting October 24, 2021.

Community members interested in supporting our mission will be able to give toward funding it, much like a Patreon. Along with that, the soon-to-launch Find It WP will offer opportunities for businesses to become Corporate Partners. You can also support the project by using products from our Affiliates page that can soon be found on The HeroPress Network site.

Funding will go toward:

  • development costs
  • operating cost
  • a salary for an individual or individuals to maintain the network
  • future travel to WordPress events

All things that allow us to continue to build the community base of WordPress.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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